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Beirut Our Memory
This is Fouad Debbas' first book, it was first published in 1986 in French, then in English and Arabic.
A rediscovery of the Lebanese capital as it was between 1880 and 1930 illustrated by a unique collection of pictures postcards.

256 pages, hard cover
24.5cm x 28.5cm
Des photographes à Beyrouth 1840-1916
In this book, Fouad Debbas shares part of his collection showing the work of both professional photograhers and amateurs following the discovery of photography.
The book was published in French in 2001, Fouad was working on the English version when he suddenly passed away.

178 pages, hard cover
24,5cm x 28,5cm
Early photographs of Mount Lebanon
The sixty views reproduced in this box are selected from an exhibition entitled "Mount Lebanon, early photographs" which took place at the Beiteddine Museum in Lebanon during the summer of 1996.
The 60 reproductions are presented separately in the box, as well as an explanatory document.

31cm x 41cm
Voyages en Orient 1853-1855 et 1860-1862 Journal de la Comtesse de Perthuis
From a document acquired by Fouad Debbas in 1990, this travel story in the East recounts the two stays (1853-1855 and 1860-1862) of Madame de Perthuis, a French aristocrate, in the Levant during the 19th century.

244 pages, hard cover
34cm x 23,5cm